Our value, the satisfaction of our customers

We worked in different countries like Germany, Andorra, Finland, Holland, Malta, Panama and Portugal. In different Sectors...

Sector Alimentació Salut  Públic  Turisme i serveis 
 Food  Health  Public  Turism and Services
 Energia  Industria  Transport  
 Energy Industry Transport  

The opinion of our clients is a very important value for us to continue evolving and improving the functionality and features of the applications and systems designed and developed by Asartec.

AGUADELLUVIA.ES Design and development of the project "online shop" www.aguadelluvia.es
BERENGUER ENGINYERS SL Application ISO- ENGINEERS of cost control and projects.
GIROPREVEN SL PREVENPLAN Application of Risk Prevention and Health Surveillance.
LIQUATS VEGETALS SA Customized application, of Control of Quality, integrating production data and automatas who generate graphics and controls.
iVmTouch Application developed to monitor the Data Centers that are virtualized with VMware.
 SPACTIVA  PREVENACTIVA Application of Risk Prevention and Health Surveillance.
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