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Maintenance of information systems

We offer Computer Maintenance is their CPD, servers, computers, networks, software, computers, printers etc.

We also offer monitoring services, to ensure the proper functioning of your computer systems, reactive service may not be enough. We implant remote monitoring systems to perform preventive maintenance activities that allow us anticipate the future problems.

We perform quality checks in the equipment that you already have, and also in your new facilities. If you want, our specialists can supervise your equipment and also your facilities. We offer service 24 hours / 365 days. touch_Cercle_480

  • Maintenance of Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP/VISTA/7/8, Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Linux.
  • Server Maintenance, SAN/NAS, CPD's, Various equipments and networks.
  • Maintenance of programs and equipment.
  • Maintenance of virtualized systems.
  • Data security and access monitoring.
  • Maintenance of BBDDs MySQL, SQLSever.
  • Networking Services and Internet.
  • Monitoring servers and networks.
  • Backup services.
  • Data recovery.


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