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Software of Laboral Risk Prevention and Health Monitoring

Oriented to Administrative Management of the company: customers, billing, automatic billing, contracts, employees, partners, etc . Allows you to control contracts with Technicians and Medical from the customers, as well as the number of revisions made and his billing.

The application is a tool for management, administration and control of Laboral Risk Prevention, in both parts, medical and technical.

 The prevention and management application is divided into three parts:

• Management: This part of the application is aimed to: Administrative Management of the  Company, Customers, Billing, Automatic Billing, Contracts, Employees, partners, etc. Allows you to control contracts with Technicians and Medical from the customers, as well as the number of revisions made and his billing.

 • Medical: Oriented to the actions, checkups, and medical procedures from the workers of the customers. And control of these by the doctor. Allows to the medical person, control the Health Examinations, giving the aptitude or not, to the worker for his job (Vigilance).

 • Technique: In this part of the application is to optimize and monitor tasks performed by the prevention technicians and allows: control tasks, actions, procedures, costs and technical reports.

Prevenplan 2015

The application generates two types of reports:

- Reports fixed.

- Editable reports, which are produced on a word processor so that the user can modify according to their needs.

Control tasks: Actions are used to keep track of tasks to perform to each customer and contract. In addition to when it has to perform the different tasks from each performance and have a cost control.

Multicompany, Multidelegation, MultiUser, MultiLanguage, Multireports.

The PrevenPlan is integrated into new technologies and into cloud, to facilitate savings, mobility and speed in managing work orders or schedules and the documents are accessible all times.


Windows 10 Compatible

PREVENPLAN is supported by ASARTEC CONSULTORIA SL on thefollowing editions of Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise. PREVENPLAN is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch forBusiness (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 06/2016.
You have enough to think about with your business—your technology shouldn’t be a worry. Save time and money by purchasing “Windows 10 Compatible” solutions from ASARTEC that have undergone compatibility testing to help ensure they install readily and runreliably with the minimal number of hangs, crashes, or restarts, and are supported on Windows 10.

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