APP - PrevenPlan

PrevenPlan APP for mobile devices is an application for professionals in the health world. It's an easy and secure way to save and distribute the COVID-19 tests results to the affected.  

Our objective is help the companies and event organizers to recover the control of the situation. We offer a solution at a low cost that is going to help the reactivation of the activities and its durability.

The adaptation to the new reality is necessary. Has to be secure for our participants access to events. With the new tools that ease the management, the control and the advertisement we can assure the security to the assistants and workers.

The new antigen test, that is faster and has a low cost, allows to diagnose assistants and workers in real time for the organization of “COVID-FREE” events.

Asartechas developed PrevenPlan APP, a mobile application for the new test realization. The application is connected to the data base of our desktop application PrevenPlan, that helps companies of Prevention of Occupational Hazards and Health Surveillance to manage the entries in business and events.


How it works?

  1. Companies of Prevention of Occupational Hazards and Health Surveillance arrange an appointment for the worker/assistant.

  2. The worker/assistant identifies with the Identity Card. The sanitary staff carry out the antigen test.

  3. The result is digitized via PrevenPlan APP.

  4. The results are uploaded to the Database of PrevenPlan.

  5. The worker/assistant receives an e-mailwith the PDF and the QR of the result. The result will be also saved in, so the affected can always have access to documents.

  6. The companies of Prevention of Occupational Hazards and Health Surveillance receive the documents, the advertisements and the QR codes.


 PrevenPlan App has...

  • Log in. Non autorized users will not be able to access.

  • Menu. Easy to use.
  • Test digitization. Chance of saving test and send it later.

  • Send and saved test register.

  • Register of new workers/assistants.

  • Sending state information.


If you are a professional and you are intressted in the app contact with Asartec

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