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ASARTEC and MONCASOFT, offer our services to the cloud, saving infrastructures cost, offering versatility and remote connection 24h/365 days anywhere in the world. More than 20 clients and 190 users of GironaIntegra group use our Cloud Servers.

Girona Integra Server Private Cloud with the following characteristics:

  • Fast, secure and cheap.
  • Encrypted communications.
  • Scalable servers.
  • Includes server backup.
  • Access to online documents.
  • Adaptable configuration and administration.
  • Compliance with the LOPD.
  • SSL secure access.
  • Access via RDP Remote Desktop, via Web or Mixed.
  • Windows server 2012.
  • Includes user access licenses.
  • From 30GB SSD Hard Drive.
  • From 2 CPU's and 2 GB RAM.


The budget includes Windows licenses and desktops, backup, and server maintenance. Servers will not have access to internet browsing, except for some specific needs.


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