Application development and custom programs

ASARTEC offers you all types of specialized programmation services to do all kinds of applications useful to your business. We make all kinds of applications: service applications, health applications, industry applications... Our applications are adaptable to any platform or system depending to the necessities of the clients.

Our projects are designed, planed and executed following a work methodology that tries to avoid functional, temporal or economical complications.

We maintain a constant contact with our clients to react efficiently in front any problem that could be bad for the project.

Our philosophy is PRIVACY by DESIGN, the privacy is integrated from the beginning till the end of the project in the technical and organizational scope.
We treat your personal data responsibly.

.NET, Android, Apple IOS and Web Development.

Applications adaptable to any client:

  • Customized applications for every client.
  • Customized applications.
  • Development and design web applications and e-commerce.
  • Data transfer.
  • Integration of Heterogeneous Systems.
  • Processes Design and automation.
  • Industrial System Programming.
  • Quality Controls.
  • Data acquisition between processes, machinery, or applications.
  • Outsourcing.

Some projects developed for android and IOS: 

Other projects:



Kit Digital Information






icona is a website that offers ecological solutions to recover rainwater and drinking water. All kinds of flexible tanks for personal use or firefighters, farmers, carpenters and much more trades. Various alternatives for treating gray water such as septic tanks, biological sinks and spores.

Visit our website to see all that is on offer.

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An app that manages the JBM store in an easy and fast way.

  • Catalog synchronization with corporate ERP.
  • Purchase products from the app.
  • Access to products via QR codes.
  • Display of products according to customer needs.

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Human Resources platform that allows all types of companies to fill their job vacancies automatically, quickly and functionally, saving time and costs.


The App has...

  • Possibility of managing workers.
  • Receipt of immediate response through a notification
  • Possibility to call the candidates.
  • Registration of entry and exit of employees.

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SOS - Stop Ojos Secos

Stop Dry Eyes (Stop Ojos Secos in Spanish) is an app that aims to fight dry eye syndrome through a diagnosis, treatment and control of the disease.

  • Questionnaire to establish the degree of dryness.
  • Option to introduce visits to the ophthalmologist.
  • Receiving light, temperature and humidity data.

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Wibeee Home

The app that helps you keep your expenses at home.

  • Consumption of each appliance separately.
  • Real-time electricity usage.
  • Data analysis to save.
  • History.

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Ballenoil Easy Fuel

An app for Ballenoil customers.

  • Facilitates refueling and washing. Possibility to pay from the app.
  • It indicates the nearest Ballenoil station.
  • It allows you to manage the refueling of an entire fleet of vehicles.


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